GW2: BoI
Bureau of Information is a roleplay guild of Guild Wars 2 on Tarnished Coast server.

Our guild concept is that of a private investigator office. We deal in information, intel, gossips, and rumors.

This tumblr is primarily used for purpose of our members sharing character's perspective in their mission and daily lives as well as any other creative medium related to Guild Wars 2.
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GW2:T.H.E. 06 - “The Usual”

[[Couple of ooc jokes here on how we usually play around with our characters. For one, Noah is, surprising no one, the most talkative one out of the three. I’m really surprised Delmont and bunch of others just don’t tune him out while he’s going about his usual antics.

Delmont’s player has a habit of switching dye about five times a day and as such Delmont ICly is a guy who frequently changes to different outfit. (quite more so than even some vain female characters out there)

Christine seems to have tendency to know exactly where to pop out at exactly the right moment. This is obviously because we oocly call her player to come join us on rp whatnot but ICly she just seem to have impeccable timing or was there the entire time in case of certain rp events.

Anywho, hopefully I can get back to keeping things more updated now! But don’t hate me if I struggle and is late a bit time to time…]]

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